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High Expectations: Bringing State-of-the-Art Cannabis Construction to Denver and Beyond

Ariston Tyko has emerged as a top choice for commercial, industrial, and cannabis facility tenant improvements as well as ground-up projects within the Denver Metro area and beyond. With a footprint extending to various states, including Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Washington, our Ariston Tyko team is establishing itself as a go-to authority in the industry.

Originally founded in 2015 as a family-owned business with a primary focus on Colorado-based projects, Ariston Tyko has significantly grown in both scale and scope over the years to offer numerous services, including quality cannabis construction.

Cannabis Facility Building Process

Every phase of building a cannabis facility is crucial for ensuring the success of the project and the cannabis business itself. From the initial planning and design stages to the construction and ongoing maintenance, meticulous attention to detail is required at each step.

To navigate the unique challenges of the cannabis facility construction process, seeking guidance and expertise from a reputable team like Ariston Tyko can be the key to a successful outcome. Our wealth of experience and industry knowledge can provide invaluable insights and support throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring that each phase is executed with precision and excellence.

Planning and Facility Design

Before beginning construction work on a cannabis business facility, it is imperative to devise a well-thought-out plan that encompasses all aspects of the project. Such meticulous planning ensures that the construction process proceeds smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry. Factors such as zoning regulations, building codes, security requirements, and environmental considerations should all be factored into the plan to guarantee a successful and compliant project outcome.

Some key considerations when designing a cannabis facility include:

  • Location: The first step of any cannabis construction process is to determine the right location. The facility’s location is critical since it affects everything from building costs to ultimate product quality. Consider the availability of resources such as water and power, the local climate, and zoning laws while choosing a location.
  • Size: The facility’s size will be determined by the scope of the operation. For instance, whereas a large commercial facility would need tens of thousands of square feet, a tiny boutique grow business might only need a few hundred.
  • Layout: The facility’s layout should be efficient. This entails organizing the area so that people, materials, and equipment can move freely. The layout should also take into account the flow of cannabis plants from cultivation to processing and packaging.
  • Security: Security is a major concern for cannabis facilities, as they are often targeted by thieves and criminals. Security elements such as cameras, alarms, and secure access points should be included in the facility’s architecture.


In the realm of cannabis building facilities, three primary types of properties cater to the different stages of business operations. Grow and cultivation facilities provide a controlled environment conducive to year-round crop growth and cultivation. Vertically integrated facilities combine various aspects of the cannabis industry under one roof. From cultivation to extraction, post-processing, consumable manufacturing, and quality assurance testing labs, these facilities streamline the production process. Finally, dispensaries serve as the face of a cannabis business, providing a retail space where consumers can access a diverse range of products.

Once the planning and design phases of cannabis construction are finalized, the building phase can commence. The timeframe for completion depends on the project’s scale and complexity.

Some key considerations during the construction phase include:

  • Building materials: The firm’s requirements, as well as regional building codes, will influence the construction materials employed.
  • HVAC systems: Proper temperature and humidity control are critical for growing high-quality cannabis. The facility should be equipped with HVAC systems that can maintain the ideal growing conditions for the plants.
  • Electrical systems: Cannabis facilities require a significant amount of electricity, particularly for lighting and ventilation. The facility’s electrical system should be constructed to meet its demands, including backup generators in case of power interruptions.
  • Plumbing: Cannabis plants require water and nutrients to grow, so a reliable plumbing system is essential. This includes irrigation systems for the plants and drainage systems for wastewater.
  • Equipment: Cannabis facilities require specialized equipment for growing, processing, and packaging cannabis products. This may include items like grow lights, fans, dehumidifiers, and packaging machines.

The Ariston Tyko Advantage

Ariston Tyko sets itself apart in the construction industry through its seasoned leadership team, which boasts extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our company’s approach ensures that the right management team is assigned to each project, maximizing the potential for success. Collaboration with clients is a key element of AT’s strategy, enabling our team to accelerate project schedules while adhering to budget constraints and emphasizing efficiency in every aspect of their work. As experienced cannabis general contractors, we are committed to delivering personalized service with a small-business feel, exemplifying professionalism and excellence in every project we undertake.

Specializing in cannabis construction, we offer end-to-end services that encompass the design and construction of properties tailored for growing, processing, and packaging cannabis products. From modest indoor grow rooms to expansive commercial operations spread across vast acres of land, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of facilities.

Additionally, our comprehensive preconstruction services address crucial elements of cannabis facility construction early on, allowing for informed decisions regarding cost, schedule, and scope. The design-build process helps mitigate the risk of overspending on design and construction, ensuring successful project completion.

The construction of a cannabis facility demands a high level of precision and expertise to create a space conducive to business operations and compliant with legal requirements. Through diligent planning and execution, business owners can guarantee that the facility is well-equipped to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry while upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency.